2-into-1 Pipe 950/990 ADV $190 + Core Charge

2-into-1 Pipe
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KTM 950/990 Adventure 2-into-1 Pipe Exchange Program

Order this reconfigured 2-into-1 pipe and then send your pipe back to us and the core charge will be refunded back to you. 

Cost to order is $190.00 plus a $225.00 refundable core charge (total $415.00).

We send you a remanufactured cut and tig welded 2-into-1 pipe, you remove yours, install the new pipe and send your old one back to us and we'll refund your $225.00 core charge.  Please return your core pipe within 14 days, clean and well packaged for full refund.  Minimum $50.00 deducted from refund if pipe is damaged, in poor condition or needs cleaning.  

This pipe has great flow and is professionally welded.  Nice and clean, inside and out, no performance robbing sharp corners or rough edges.  Also, compare the "H" pipe on our pipe for better, more even flow.  Fitment is just like stock, it fits like a factory pipe. 

This matches up with the Remus Revolution silencer to change your bike into a single sided exhaust and drops about 15 lbs. total weight off the bike and leaves you room to add a fuel tank or tool kit where your left side exhaust was.

You will probably need to replace the two exhaust gaskets in the collector pipe, KTM part #:

60005005001  GRAPHITE RING 42X47X25 03 | 03

Free freight included with your order.

If this pipe is on back order please email us at info@dualsportwarehouse.com and we can arrange for you to send in your pipe, have it re-configured and shipped back to you (no core charge that way and you know what condition your pipe is in).  We have had problems getting people to send their cores back so that creates a b/o situation quite often.  During the winter months while you may not be using your bike is a good time to have this done.

Thanks, DSW


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Price $415.00

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