CJ Designs Long, Folding Mirror Kit
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  • Item #: CJD-LFM-KIT

FOLD-AWAY MIRROR KIT w/Relocator Bracket

If you're a tall rider, 6' plus, these are a must.  Long enough to see past your shoulders and fold in when off road to prevent damage.  This kit comes w/ a new mount to relocate the right mirror off of your brake Reservoir.  DON'T CRASH before this gets relocated or it will get expensive!!   

We've been using these mirrors for several seasons and have put may thousands of miles on with them.  They have held up great.  Normally I had to ride to the trails, then take the mirrors off.  Now I just fold them in and keep going.   These are just as stable as the stock setup.

This mirror kit is designed to fit the KTM 10mm mirror mounts and thread directly in.  Some other brands will require a mounting adapter kit which is available by request for $10.00.

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Price $130.00

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