CJ Designs Gas Cap Knob
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  • Item #: CJD-FCK

If you ever get tired of fumbling for your key when you want to fill you bike with gas this knob will eliminate that issue.  Simply pop out the pin holding the key cylinder in your gas cap and slide the cylinder out and replace it with this simple turn knob.  Now your gas stops will be easier!  

We have seen the key cylinders get hard to turn on some of the KTM bikes so this will eliminate that problem as well.  You won't have to take your key out of your ignition to open your gas cap.  

Works with most of the KTM keyed gas caps like the Super Enduro, the 690 Enduro's and SMC's (if your model has the little plastic flap you'll have to remove that), older LC4 models and the Duke II.  May fit other models as well.

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