CJ Designs KTM Hydraulic Clutch Cooler
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  • Item #: CJD-CCL-950

The CJ Designs KTM hydraulic clutch cooler holds more than 3X the stock amount of fluid, and helps to keep your clutch fluid cooler and topped off.

When was the last time you checked your fluid level?  You might be surprised that you have lost some during the riding season, it's pretty common for some to leak past the seal.  NOT good to find when you're on the trail with no clutch.

Worry no more when you are on long ADVenture trips.

-No need to carry extra fluid. 

-This also makes bleeding and fluid changes much easier because you can fill it up well over the pickup and not worry about air getting into the system.

-Uses your stock reservoir diaphragm

-Once everything is bolted on, fluid access is through the top cap, just like stock.

-Stainless cap bolts and o-ring sealed.

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Price $155.00

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