CJ Designs Solid Bar Mount Spacers
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  • Item #: CJD-SBB

CJ Designs KTM Solid Bar Mount Bushings

When your rubber dampeners start to fail, you end up with slop in the handle bar mounting point.  Add a set of bars risers and that can turn into a lot of unwanted bar movement.

Replace the rubber bushings with a solid spacer to give you a rock solid feel for maximum control.

I have ridden over 40,000 miles so far with these installed and have noticed no ill effects.  No more handle bar vibration than stock.

Remove stock hardware and bushings.  Replace w/ solid mount bushings.  1/8" flange on top keep the bushing from falling down while you reinstall parts and add a small riser.

I recommend ROX brand risers for tall riders or extended standing. Contact DSW for custom Black or Orange ROX Risers. You'll only find them here!!

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