LC8 Alternator Plug Kit
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(New design will work with the LC4 690 engine and the 1190 LC8 engine as well - available in orange only so far, so if you have a 690 be sure to order the orange kit)

Those that do there own service know what this center plug does.  Removal is required to access the 14mm hex used to turn the engine to top dead center for valve checks.

Most don't realize until it fails or falls out that it's only PLASTIC.  Many heat cycles and a few valve checks later, these can crack.  Leaving you without a plug to install back in your bike the day before a big ride. Don't ask how I know.....

Included in the 3 piece valve check kit.

1)-Billet Engine Plug.  Machine finish is shown, but only available in Black or Orange anodized.

Notice that this no longer requires a 14mm Allen anymore.
Who normally has one of these in their shop anyways????  It's not in the stock tool kit.

The CJ Designs plug can be removed with your 10mm socket
and T-handle wrench.  No need to worry about cracking this anymore.

Next piece of the kit:

2) 10mm<14mm Adaptor - Black or Orange.  Use the same 10mm socket and t-handle, insert this into the 14mm engine hex and you can turn the motor with your stock tools.

Last piece of the kit

3)-Crank lock bolt. This is used to lock the engine at top-dead-center when removing cams to change the valve shims.  This bolt is longer than the KTM tool but the same price.  Why longer?  The stock bolt has no end on it and appears to be able to thread all the way into the engine if you miss the crank alingment slot.  Our tool has a head on the end so you can thread it in by hand, feel the crank alignment slot and no fear of losing the tool in your motor case!

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