CJ Designs Foot Peg Extension - Pivot Pegz

CJ Designs Foot Peg Extensions - Pivot Pegz
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Pivot Pegz Extensions

Now available for the MK2 and MK3 model Pivot Pegz

The MK3 version is 60mm wide i.d. and is the newer version of the Pivot Pegz.  Select your model below.

This is one of the essential items that should be added to nearly every bike before you ride it. Give yourself the pleasure of riding with a secure platform for your feet that give positive grip and extend the foot bed so that you aren't riding with just half your foot on the peg. If you stand up at all this will revolutionize your confidence level and make for a far less fatiguing ride. 

* CNC machined billet aluminum
* Stainless steel traction pegs
* Anodized orange, black and machine finish (bare alum.)
* Standard adds 1" length and 1/2" width
* Long adds 1 5/8" length and 1/2" width
* Requires drilling 3 holes in your stock peg for mounting
(easiest if done in a drill press)


Why CJD Peg Extensions and NOT just longer pegs??

I’ve been making extensions for over 3 yrs and using them for over 70,000
miles. I prefer them over One piece LONG pegs because they offer the
chance to safely break away from the peg in a crash, reducing the risk for
damage to the frame. I’ve seen too many LONG pegs rip off the frame
mounting point with there increased leverage. The single outer bolt can be
replaced with included spare hardware in the kit if need be.

When these break away you are still left with a usable peg to get you out of
the trail. Have you ever tried to ride a bike with NO pegs???

Why use pins and not thread in studs or spikes?

I have found that as a Dual Sport rider, the aggressive spikes and sharp
teeth often found on MX pegs destroy a set of Dual Sport boots very fast.
Not something I want when I’m going to be on the road for 25,000+ miles a

Some other pegs offer NO studs and are just Machined Alum Faces.
These will not last long and get very slippery when wet. I have installed
Stainless Steel Pins for great overall traction, Long life and user comfort. I
have over 70,000 miles on my Original Set and the Pins are still holding up
great and my boot soles have not needed to be replaced.

This also gives an easy, no maintenance product that you don’t need to
worry about loosing inserts with.

Our simple but strong design offers great support but also allows for the dirt
and mud to fall through the pegs for as much traction as possible.

How Strong are these? Will they really hold my weight?

I have customers using these in all over the world. One of my product
testers is a giant of a man, weighing in at about 300lbs geared up, standing
over 6’8″ tall and can throw a 950 around like a 125 MX bike. He is still
running one of my very first sets of LONG extension all around Australia.

Why not add more width like other extension do?

Pegs need to be wide enough to support you but also allow you to pivot on
them as the terrain changes and the front of bike pitches up and down.

These allow the heal of your boot to lock up against the peg for better down
hill control and still allow you to roll over the front edge for climbing, relieving
stress on your ankle that a “Floorboard” type peg can’t do.

How much wider are these pegs, and how do you find my

I offer 2 sizes the Standard and the Long. 

-STD adds about 1″

-Long adds abouut 1.65″

Standing up while riding off road gives you better control of your bike. Your
feet play a big roll in that control. By adding length, you increase leverage
and you can steer the bike with your feet by transfering weight. The bigger
the bike the more leverage needed. The 950/990 Adv has a wider frame
than the 525 or 690 singles. Stand on your pegs as if you were going
down the trail. Sway side to side and see where your feet want to be, don’t
force them against the engine. Have someone measure under your boot
with a tape measure and the amount sticking off the peg. This is a great
starting point for what size pegs would benefit you.

Please CONTACT US if you have any other questions. 


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