Continental Trail Attack 130/80R17 Dual Sport Rear Tire

Continental Trail Attack 130/80R17 Dual Sport Rear Tire
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  • Item #: 03170027
  • Meets the demands of high-performance adventure touring/enduro bikes
  • Continuous compound technology makes it possible to use an homogeneous grip grading with a single compound thanks to a temperature controlled curing of the tire during the production process
  • Flexible shoulder area offers precise handling with an increased footprint at extreme lean angles for more grip in corners
  • Wear-resistant center tread area offers superior mileage
  • 0 degrees steel belt construction on the front and rear for higher stability and feedback when braking and accelerating out of corners
  • Reinforced carcass on the front tire utilizes a newly designed tread pattern to ensure higher precision and optimize wear
  • Innovative tread pattern adapted from the Attack family of tires with a progressive growing slick area in the shoulder for more control and grip
  • Exceptionally quick warm-up time
  • R-rated for speeds up to 106 mph
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