Hammerhead Brake Tip - KTM

Hammerhead Brake Tip
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Hammerhead Brake Tip - KTM

Are you always searching for the foot brake on your bike?  Many bikes have tiny foot brake tips and it's easy to miss it when trying to apply the brakes - not a good situation!  The Hammerhead brake tip will solve this issue.

Hammerhead Large Aluminum Brake Tip 1/4" wider and 1/4" longer than OEM. Fits most OEM KTM brake levers.  (Includes tip and mounting bolts)  Available in Orange, Black and Silver. 

Because these tips are a little larger to the rear also, the 950/990 levers need to be filed back. The smaller bikes have a flat top so no modification is needed.  A few minutes with a file or grinder and it bolts on.  The last two pictures are shown are the stock KTM big bikes with the stock lever that needs modification and the stock KTM small bikes that does not need modification.

Perfect compliment to the CJ Designs foot peg extensions.

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