Moose FB 520 Chain
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  • Item #: 1220-0103
  • This is the top of the line - the strongest, most durable sealed chain Moose Racing offers
  • FB = Fine Blanking, an incredibly precise manufacturing process that yields perfectly cut links. Tight tolerances make the plate, pin, and bushing union accurate and strong
  • Due to the accuracy of the cuts and the use of stronger alloyed steel the FB has our highest tensile strength rating, nearly 8,000 lb.
  • Special sealing rings are chemically treated to gain strength and reduce friction. The FB treatment allows the O-rings to be impregnated with grease. FB rings are stronger and more durable than X-rings, with significantly less friction
  • Gold links and rollers, silver inner plates, pins and bushings
  • Clip-type connecting link included
  • Replacement connecting link available
  • Imported
  • 120 links
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Price $119.95

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