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Mounting Hardware

We have multiple ways to mount your RotopaX to whatever you are using them on- from ATV's and UTV's, 4x4's, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Watercraft, Trucks, Trailers- you name it! Our unique designs add strength and provide extra tightening power. 

1.5" longer that the regular Pack Mount Extension, the 3 gallon extension is used to stack a 1,2,3, or 4 gallon fuel pack on top of a 3 gallon pack (RX-3G). If the base fuel pack being stacked on is anything besides a 3 gallon then the normal Pack Mount Extension (RX-EXT) would be used.

Pack Mounts are milled from solid aluminum then anodized black and finally engraved. They use a 5/16" steel all-thread with a steel threaded insert (Helicoil) in the base. These are not cheap injection molded plastic parts that will fail when you are 25 miles down the trail! Please click the MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS link below for more information on the function and installation of our different hardware....

The quickest, strongest way to mount your RotopaX.

Use with included base plate or remove plate to attach mount direct by bolting up through the bottom or down through the top.

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