Rox Pivoting Bar Risers 1 3/4" Rise x 1 1/8" Clamp

Rox Pivoting Bar Risers - 2" Rise
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Low Pro 1 3/4" Rise x 1 1/8" Stem Clamp Dual Sport Motorcycle Pivoting Risers


Clear Anodized, Orange Anodized or Black Anodized now available from Dual Sport Warehouse

Low Pro 1-3/4" center to center rise for BMW F800GS and KTM's. This riser was developed around the F800GS ABS model. Riser barely clears the stock F800GS handlebar clamps and can be pivoted to your desired fore and aft location. Note: we moved our front brake perch inboard on the handlebar 3/8" as well to relieve even more brake line and to insure proper function. When installing these risers pivoted up and back on the F800GS we spin the OEM caps 180 degrees to make the final tightening bolt the forward bolt. Low Pro Riser clears KTM clamps as well, a recommended Riser for the 990 Adventure with stock lines. Low Pro Riser also has (1) 8mm tap hole in the end of the posts to mount what ever you desire, Ram ball, etc.  Always check and confirm that your bike has adequate cable and brakeline length before installing any handlebar risers. THESE RISERS DO NOT WORK ON THE F650GS TWINS. those bikes have 7/8 inch diameter bars.

  • Caution: First determine if you have adequate cable and brake line length length before installing handlebar risers
  • Amount of extra cable length varies based on make and model
  • It is recommended that you consult your local dealer for longer cables, if needed.
  • Important: After installation check for any binding or pinching of the control cables (throttle cable, brake hose/cable) etc. When you are sure nothing is binding, start machine in neutral, slowly turn handlebar from left to right, if the engine idle speed increases STOP TURNING HANDLEBARS, TURN OFF ENGINE, YOUR THROTTLE CABLE IS BINDING. Check throttle routing and length. You may have to adjust position of controls, or purchase extended cables.
  • Caution: Rox Speed FX is not responsible for injury or death resulting from improper installation! Thoroughly read and follow instructions.
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