Shorai Battery LFX14L2-BS12

Shorai Battery
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  • Item #: LFX14L2-BS12
Shorai Battery LFX14L2-BS12
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SHORAI LFX Lithium-Iron Powersports battery
14Ah 12V eq, "L" polarity, Case Type 2
 Case size:2.28"w x 4.45"l x 3.50" h
Voltage (V):12
A/Hr PbEq:14
Cranking CCA (A):210
Weight (grams):730.00
Weight (lbs.):1.61
Max Charge (A):14
Terminal Polarity: 
•  No more dead batteries.  Holds charge for one year without maintenance
•  Ultra light. One fifth the weight of lead-acid batteries on average
•  Twice to four times the service life of lead-acid batteries
•  Drop-in replacement for your OEM battery
•  Military spec Carbon Fiber Composite Case
•  Faster cranking for better starts
•  Super-fast recharge rate
•  SAFE - No explosive gasses during charge, no lead, no acid
•  Environmentally friendly, just discharge and dispose
•  Japanese engineering and components

Industry-leading two year warranty!
This battery size will fit in most moto/enduro/dual sport bikes with electric start and decrease weight by as much as 6 lbs over a standard lead acid battery and give you far more cranking power and longevity!  That's weight that is mounted high up on the bike and can really be felt when you lighten up.


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