Shorai Battery LFX18L1-BS12

Shorai Lithium-Iron Batteries
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Shorai Battery LFX18L1-BS12

Dirt Rider Magazine's "Product Of The Year - 2011"

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SHORAI LFX Lithium-Iron Powersports battery, 18Ah 12V eq, "L" polarity, Case Type 1

Specifications Label Data
Voltage (V):12
A/Hr PbEq:18
Cranking CCA (A):270
Weight (grams):960.00
Weight (lbs.):2.12
Max Charge (A):18
Terminal Polarity:
   No more dead batteries.  Holds charge for one year without maintenance
•   Ultra light. One fifth the weight of lead-acid batteries on average
•   Twice to four times the service life of lead-acid batteries
•   Drop-in replacement for your OEM battery
•   Military spec Carbon Fiber Composite Case
•   Faster cranking for better starts
•   Super-fast recharge rate
•   SAFE - No explosive gasses during charge, no lead, no acid
•   Environmentally friendly, just discharge and dispose
•   Japanese engineering and components

Industry-leading two year warranty!

The LFX 18 amp hour duration recommendation is for those who want the strongest possible cranking performance and lifespan. Users with extra electrical accessories - like extra lighting, gps, stereo systems and other accessories that may be used when the vehicle isn’t running - may want to choose the 18 amp hour duration model.   

You'll lose weight (a lot) and gain performance (a lot!).


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